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We revolutionize parking of vehicles, and bikes (bi and Moto) in bays, malls, and arcades, streets, using the recent, intelligent, and innovative technologies.

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Smart Parking Solution for Your Needs?

We are a revolutionary technology innovator and leading car park management provider in East Africa with most use cases in Uganda. We have over a good years’ experience in the industry and manage thousands of car parks for clients in the region. We provide trusted solutions that you can rely on to turn underperforming and unappealing car parks into fully utilized assets for our clients. We take our work seriously, so we spend time fully understanding the needs of our clients, the sites that they own/manage, and the motorists that visit them.

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Smart Parking Solution, we:

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Listen to our clients

"Discover What Our Clients Have to Say"

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Are easy to work with

"Effortless Collaboration Made Clear"

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Have vast experience.

"Extensive Industry Expertise"